Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

The Provincial Projected Targets under Council of Common Interests (CCI) recommendations

Taking (Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey) PDHS 2017-18 as a bench mark.

  1. Total Fertility Rate (TFR) will be decreased from 4.1 (PDHS 2017-18) to 3.3 by 2025 and 2.8 till 2030.
  2. The (Contraceptive Prevalence Rate) CPR will be increased from 30% (PDHS 2017-18) to 46% by 2025 and 56% till 2030 with annual increase of 2%.
  3. Population Growth Rate will be decreased from 2.8% (PDH 2017-18) to 1.8% by 2025 and 1.7% till 2030.


  1. Promote family planning as a Reproductive Health Right, based on informed and voluntary choice.
  2. Attain replacement level fertility through enhanced voluntary family planning.
  3. Reduce unmet need of contraception and unwanted pregnancies through universal access and improved quality of family planning services.
  4. Adhere to the requisites for ‘demographic dividend’ for economic growth by making investment in child survival, reproductive health and prioritizing education especially female education.
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